From the heart to Veronica Scurtu

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A message from her husband:

Hello, people with kind hearts. Unfortunately, we found ourselves in a situation where we have to ask you for help. Only your support will give me a chance to return my wife to a normal life, because her destiny was divided in two parts: before the accident and after it, when on January 15, 2020, Veronica, walking along the sidewalk on Armenian Street, at the intersection with M. Kogylniceanu Street, had a misfortune become a victim of a car accident. As a result of a collision of two cars, one of them flew onto the sidewalk, where at that moment my wife was going to work. Veronica received many injuries, underwent two surgeries, went through many painful procedures and, unfortunately, still has not regained consciousness. After so many months of struggle for life, we were told that, unfortunately, adequate rehabilitation treatment in the existing conditions, in our country, is impossible. Therefore, I turned to a specialized clinic in Austria, where we were told that her treatment would cost us 150,000 euros - a truly colossal and huge amount for our family ... We have a huge request to help us in these terrible moments ... it is a huge pain to see how my children suffer and how my wife is struggling for her life...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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