From the heart to Vlad Cretu

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This is my younger brother Vladut. A year ago, he was an ordinary child, he went to kindergarten, was always full of energy, playful, he loved animals and loved to spend time with his sisters and neighbors' children, until one day he felt an ache in his throat. Consultations in various hospitals, medical examinations, two surgeries, biopsy, MRI followed, and in the end, Vlad was diagnosed with a Malignant Tumor of the Spinal Cord, a type of spinal cord cancer. After two surgeries, the biopsy results continue to be positive, which means that the tumor (cancer) is growing and another, urgent treatment is needed. Vlad is getting worse every day, he does not eat, he gets out of bed with difficulty, his eyes cross, his head and neck still hurt, he sleeps poorly and is sad all the time. At the age of 5, Vlad is in terrible pain, but we see how strong he is every day, how he fights and doesn’t give up. At the moment, Vlad's life is in danger, because the tumor is growing and the treatment abroad costs 147,000 euros, a sum of money we cannot afford. We are a large family; we have seven children ... but we firmly believe that we will be able to collect the necessary amount to save Vladut’s life. We are exhausted and in despair and we ask all people of goodwill to help us raise the money and give Vlad a chance to live.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

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