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A message from Zinaida:
When I have my whole life ahead of me and I dream of seeing how my children grow up, I find out I have a terrible disease - BREAST CANCER.
My name is Zinaida Cosoi, I recently turned 30. I am the mother of two tender girls aged 7 and 2, and the wife of a loving and understanding husband. We are a young family with big dreams and aspirations. But in July 2021, I received the news of triple negative breast cancer - it is a very rare form of cancer, but also very aggressive. Between July and December 2021, I underwent 8 chemotherapy sessions at the Oncological Hospital in Chisinau, as well as various examinations and tests. I spent Christmas 2022 in surgery as I underwent a radical mastectomy. Subsequent examinations showed that the disease did not go into remission, but progressed, very rapidly forming bone metastases of the pelvis.
Now I have high hopes that everything will be alright. A clinic in Germany is ready to receive me for treatment. But the cost of this treatment is beyond our family's abilities . For us, this is a huge sum of money.
I beg all people of good will, people with kind hearts, everyone who can help us, friends and acquaintances, please help me get through these difficult times in my life. I want to see how my children grow up, I want to see how they smile, knowing that their mother is always there.
I need the support of each and every one of you.

God bless you.

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