From the heart toAnna Paiucov

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Name Anna Paiucov
Age 35 years
Amount required 14,000 US Dollar
Treatment Turkey
Diagnostic Lung cancer

A message from her husband:

How terrible it is to hear on one sunny day ... I'm sorry ... you have lung cancer ... I was with my wife when we received this terrible news that brought us so much pain and suffering. My wife, at 35, was diagnosed with lung cancer. At that moment I felt a knot in my throat ... a heaviness in my heart, as if my whole world fell apart. It took us a long time to come to terms with the fact that life brought such terrible news to me, my wife and children. At the moment, Anna started chemotherapy abroad, but, unfortunately, our family is not able to cover all the necessary expenses. We have two beautiful and healthy children, a girl who is 11 years old and a boy who is 6 years old. In desperation, I write to all people with kind hearts ... I have no one else to turn to, you are really our only hope, the only chance for my wife in her fight against this ruthless disease ... We have two beautiful children that we must raise, but we desperately need you, kind and generous people ... Please help us in these terrible and difficult times for us.

Thank you very much!

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