Fundraising for the body repatriation of Marina Obreja

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Name Marina
Amount required 2,050 Euro

Surname: Obreja
Name: Marina
Required assistance: repatriation of the body
Required amount: 2050 Euro
Country: Italy

A message from relatives:

For each of us, the word “family” holds a special place in the heart. And when family members leave us too early due to illnesses, our only to hope is to have at least a chance to say goodbye to them one last time. Marina, a young, cheerful young lady, unfortunately, has become a victim of cancer. Despite numerous treatments, chemotherapy sessions and years during which she fought for life, the disease did not gave her the chance to return to her family and loved ones. She spent her last days in a hospital in Italy, away from her family, waiting for the day when she would have the opportunity to return home. Unfortunately, she will return only to take her last journey. We are all saddened, cancer took her life, and we had so much hope, we did not give up and spent every last penny to see her healthy. Now after we spent all our money, we are not able to pay the costs for repatriation and funeral. We ask all faithful people, with kind hearts, to help us repatriate Marina's inanimate body.

Campaign began in 16 May 2019
In how many days was collected 12
Created P CaritateMD
Region OR. Balti
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Ciubarov Anna 28 May, 2019 10:53
100 MDL
Anonymous donation 21 May, 2019 05:02
500 MDL
В последний путь...
Ion Rudei 20 May, 2019 21:36 44
50 MDL
Dumnezeu s-o ierte!
Maria Cecilia Cecarini 20 May, 2019 13:05 3
100 MDL
Con solidarietà è affetto
Renata Grădinaru 20 May, 2019 10:06
200 MDL
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