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The drama of a family from Cantemir district who became homeless after their house burned down.

A family from Cantemir is now on the road after a fire burned down their house. It happened at the end of last week in the village of Haragysh. In an instant, these people lost everything they had. Tudor and Galina Birca have two children and a third is due soon. They temporarily live in a neighbor’s house. This neighbor is now working abroad, but he can return at any time.

They were left without clothes, documents, money and food. Galina Birca is in her ninth month of pregnancy. The woman does not know how she can go to the hospital without the necessary documents.

“We did repairs, glued wallpaper, and wanted to repair the porch. I thought that I would receive an allowance and we would continue with the repairs, but now ... ", - said Galina.

The family asks for our help to build a house for their children to have a roof over their heads.

We ask from the bottom of our hearts to mobilize and help them in any way we can.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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