Tudor Cirlan Needs Money for Investigation

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Name Tudor Cîrlan
Amount required 40,000 Euro

Tudor Cirlan from the village Ruseştii Noi in Ialoveni district.

Tudor Cirlan is disabled since childhood. Despite his diagnosis, Tudor lived an active life – he went to school, had many friends, took many walks. The features of his development Tudor turned into advantages - he became a circus performer and worked there for 6 happy years. Happy - because at that time, Tudor could fully move and earn money for living.

The normal life ended for Tudor at the moment when he suffered a back injury, which confined him to a wheelchair. For 9 years, Tudor does not feel his legs and can not move properly.

Tudor requires to go abroad for investigation that will put him back on his feet.

Tudor requires treatment that will bring back the ability to walk on his own two feet.

The amount of money required for the investigation, the trip and rehabilitation period arrangements is 2,000 euros.

Tudor Cirlan really wants to get back on his feet and live a decent life. He will accept any possible assistance from people who care and want to help.

Campaign began in 11 March 2016
In how many days was collected 831
Created Anton Pogonii
Region s. Ruseştii Noi
Category People with disabilities
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31 Oct, 2017
8 Jan, 2017

Soon I have to be hospitalized on Corolenko street, but I don’t have enough funds for the rehabilitation process. This process is charged separately and it costs 150 lei per day. Recovery lasts 12 days and is should be held twice a year. I ask you to help me, so I had the opportunity to carry out the recovery process as many times as I need. I risk losing my legs, as they are growing numb and provoke pain in my back!

Thank you very much!

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