Together in support of medical center in the village of Tomay

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A message from the medical center:

We, respectfully, ask for your support in the framework of the project "Renovation of the outpatient center in the village of Tomai". The conditions in the center (polyclinic), where the medical staff work, are extreme, because there have been no renovation works for years, and in this regard, the mayor's office decided to launch the project "Renovation of the outpatient center in the village of Tomai", and started the repairs of the building's roof, several internal repairs and repairs of the utilities, hoping to create optimal conditions for the functioning of this polyclinic, which is very important for the inhabitants of the village. It is also planned to improve the working conditions for young specialists, a fact that will increase the quality of medical services that we require every day, because the population of the village at the moment is 3254 people, of which up to 35-45 patients, children and pensioners, apply daily. We are halfway to fulfill this dream, because this way we can give the villagers access to medical services in a proper, safe environment. Please help us take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Thank you very much!

Campaign began in 15 March 2021
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Anjela Anjela 17 Apr, 2021 14:52
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Ai cu doamne ajuta pentru Tomai.
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Bravo Tomai
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