Together in support of medical center of Cania village

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Amount required 495,650 Moldova Lei

A call for help in support of the medical center from the village of Cania to improve conditions for patients. The mayor's office asked us to help them in repairing the roof and the medical center in general, where doctors daily receive elderly patients who cannot get to the district center. After all, we, ordinary people, get here. We sincerely ask you and hope that together we will help this medical center, because we firmly believe that little by little we can create the country we dream of. We call on all conscientious people to help themselves, namely people from villages who cannot afford to visit Chisinau or other regional centers, for old men and women who are now saving every lei for a trip to other hospitals that are far away and for whom this trip becomes a huge burden. 

Campaign began in 3 January 2023
In how many days was collected 306
Created P CaritateMD
Region S. Cania, r. Cantemir
Category Social
SMS Unite 5 Nov, 2023 09:39
45 MDL
Tel: 373*****66
Anonymous donation 12 Aug, 2023 23:22 493
586 MDL
SMS Unite 12 Jul, 2023 19:01
45 MDL
Tel: 373*****65
Aliona Dragutan 8 Jul, 2023 16:34 201
20 EUR
Anonymous donation 27 Jun, 2023 11:43 97
50 EUR
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