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I lost my brother ... My mother lost her son ... and two children became orphans, without a father!

A happy, strong, hardworking and cheerful person who loved his family more than anything else, left for heaven.

On that miserable night, he was at work, trying to earn money to pay off his loans and support his family, but because of human irresponsibility and a simple bet, his life "costed 50 euros."

He inadvertently left his family in enormous pain and with huge debts ...

We ask for your support, people of goodwill!!!

Let’s help two orphans who were left without the care of their father, a wife who lost the support of her family, a mother who didn't think she would bury her son, to pay a huge amount of money they owe to the bank - they cannot do this without your support.

Campaign began in 18 May 2020
In how many days was collected 34
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