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Civil initiative to support the heroes involved in fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Now we are in one of the most difficult moments of our generation. Some generations went through wars, others natural disasters, we have a global pandemic.
Currently, the country's medical system is facing this epidemic and the soldiers of this front, doctors, require our support. Psychologically and financially. What do we want to do? Our initiative group aims to raise funds that could be redirected to doctors in order to provide all the necessary things to the medical personnel in the country that is fighting COVID-19.
I spoke with doctors, hospital managers, and the Ministry of Health representatives to determine their current needs. Everything is ok with medicines, but people, doctors need us! We want to make life easier for those who stay in 12-hour shifts, work in uncomfortable suits, in asphyxiating masks and for those who are always on the road.
Some of them do not eat 10 hours in a row or do not sleep for a whole day. We want to send them everything we can - coffee, tea, cookies, water and everything that is required. We have already discussed with @Valeriu Arnaut from Metro, they will help us with the purchase of the necessary products in automatic regimen, in order to prevent contact with a large number of people, and they will deliver these products to the warehouses of CNAMUP. From here, the products will be distributed across all units of ambulatory and strategic assistance. In Moldova, several thousand doctors, nurses and emergency and hospitals workers are currently struggling with the epidemic.

All of them are now working in difficult conditions and putting their own lives at risk. Doctors, laboratory medical personnel, assistants and nurses, ambulance drivers, 112 operators and other specialists, are all now involved in the treatment of hospitalized! We would like to help them even more. And we can do it! This is only the first phase of the project. If enough funds are raised, we can try to help the medical system as well. Tomorrow we will try to talk with mobile operators, ask them to offer doctors a month of free phone calls.
We have other ideas, but we have to start somewhere. Along the way, there will be many more projects. But without you we can’t do it. Now we can prove that we are better than we think, and we will always be together, supporting each other. Especially in such difficult situations ... It is about us, about people, souls - now we need each other more than ever. The Italians sing from the balconies for their doctors, the Spaniards applaud their heroes and we also want to support everyone who is at the forefront of fighting this disease. We thank you all for the support of all employees of the medical system in their noble and heroic struggle. They must feel our support. We give them a 5-minute break for another 12 hours of work and
#stayhome- because we care!

Campaign began in 17 March 2020
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