Together we can Help Children

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Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that on December 14, 2017, we launched the campaign "Together we can Help Children " This campaign will become a sign of solidarity for the whole society, which seeks to help and be close to children . Their life is in our hands and we offer a comprehensive long-term program to support them. This campaign allows us to act quickly in cases when time presses, this will allow us to be closer to these children and bring them small moments of joy in their struggle for life. We encourage you to show solidarity with children who have cancer. Because their struggle can become common and less painful. By sending an SMS to number 2910 with the code "0101", you can save someone's life. Support children with cancer, support them in this difficult struggle, support the lives of these kids, because together we can definitely change their fate.

Campaign began in 15 December 2017
In how many days was collected 1093
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Iatco Corneliu 11 Dec, 2020 11:35
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Iatco Corneliu 20 Oct, 2020 12:19
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Banaru Vadim 20 Oct, 2020 12:03
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Raducan Lilia 20 Oct, 2020 12:03
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Nezalzov Natalia 20 Oct, 2020 12:02
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19 Jun, 2020

#giveahope presents the results of the contest. Dear friends, first of all, we thank you for the simple fact that you choose to help sick children in these difficult moments. This child had an unforgettable day, a present from us, people of goodwill. Matei, who has a bone disease, had a difficult childhood, but his mother taught him to love life, to smile and rejoice for any progress in his struggle for recovery. Dear friends, Matei saw the kitchen at one of his acquaintances, and for six months he  dreamed about this kitchen. Parents could not afford it, because everything they saved was spent on treatment and medications. But our kindness fulfilled his dream .... We bought him sweets, medicines, toys, a pool, a kitchen and other essentials, which were kindly provided to this wonderful child. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the happiness that you give to these children. His mother also thanked us very much and said that they never had such surprises, and they will remember this day for the rest of their lives. His mom also told us that we lit up her house and their struggle for a normal life.
Thank you for deciding to give kindness and light where there is no longer hope!


21 Dec, 2017

Cu mult drag am dat start Campaniei de Craciun. Iar prima vizita pe care am facut-o la inceput de drum, a fost la copilasii bolnavi de cancer. Am avut parte de o zi cat se poate de incarcata, pentru ca intr-un timp record am indeplinit dorintele la acesti copilasi. Spre fericirea noastra acesti minunati copilasi il asteptau pe Mos Craciun cu o mare nerabdare. A fost o zi cu multe emotii, a fost o zi in care ne-am propus sa aducem cat mai multe zambete si bucurii, a fost o zi cu adevarat implinita in care am reusit impreuna sa aducem pe chipul acestor suflete chinuite, fericire in ajun de sarbatori. Dragii nostri, pentru ca noi nu ne oprim aici, campania de Craciun continua. Avem nevoie si in continuare de sustinerea Dvs, avem nevoie de Dvs sa oferim un Craciun special pentru cei mai tristi ca noi. Pentru ca magia Craciunului ne face sa fim si mai buni, va rugam sa ne fiti alaturi, sa fim cei care cu adevarat putem face lucruri frumoase si speciale de sarbatori. Multumim pentru sprijinul oferit, si doar impreuna putem aduce spiritul sarbatorilor de iarna in case si sufletele necajite. Daruim si in continuare lumina si bucurie pentru un Craciun Fericit la familiile care au nevoie de noi. Multumim ca sunteti alaturi.



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