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27 Dec

A Christmas dream came true, the boy who carried firewood, with his whole family, moved into a new home!

Some moments will remain in our hearts forever. This is the hero of our Christmas campaign: of all the villages that we have visited so far, Daniel impressed us the most after seeing how he lives and works in cold weather. Today his life and the life of his brothers has changed. Starting today his house is finally warm ... and he holds a book instead of firewood. In a short period of time we managed to raise the necessary amount for a spacious, bright and warm 3-room apartment. We also bought all the furniture and the necessary equipment. Thank you very much, dear friends, I would like to hug all of you, to meet you personally, to thank you personally, you are the guardian angels for these children, and I want you to live a happy life for all your good deeds. Tell about these deeds to your own children, for them to see an example of true generosity. Because people should always help each other. I know that we cannot help everyone at once, but over time ... one day, after many years, I hope we can get to all poor families and children in the Republic of Moldova and there will be no one left to help. Today Daniel started a new life and he will probably always remember this moment, he will grow up a good person, because now he knows that generous people helped him. I bow to all of you for and thank you for your kindness. I am very sorry that I came to these children so late, maybe we could give them a few more years of real childhood ... Be happy in your new home and never forget that miracles exist. Thank you, guardian angels.
Enjoy your holidays surrounded by beloved ones! Hugs and love to everyone!