16 Jan

Be the Christmas in the hearts of vulnerable children, 3rd edition

I saw the suffering glaze of children burdened with poverty, I felt their hugs, I felt how they miss someone, how they cry and look for support ... I saw how a simple candy can bring them joy and happiness, how glad they are to receive a piece of bread ... We are talking about laws, about humanity, because in our villages there are still children who are starving... Now, anytime, anywhere, stop for a moment ... hug a child, hug a lonely aged person because ... we all live under the same sky, on the same earth and should not forget to give others happiness and love.

The 2019 Christmas campaign spanned over 100 locations. Thank you, guardian angels, for being with us. Together we can offer them happiness, joy and kindness. See how their eyes sparkle with joy and do not forget that these moments of generosity are remembered for a lifetime.

Lots of hugs to you, Team - Unity through Charity!