16 Jul

Because human kindness has no boundaries. Andrei Bozu has a new home and a new life!

Dear friends, since God usually acts through human beings, today we have great news for you. It is impossible to put into words what we felt and what we were able to do together for Andrei, this young man whose life was full of pain and suffering. There are no words to describe how much happiness we gave him, because human kindness knows no boundariesAfter we saw the gratitude is in his eyes, we understood that words cannot express what Andrei feels today, because thanks to kind people this young man is crying with tears of joy. Too late he felt this happiness, however he felt it, thanks to our generosity. In his life, Andrei suffered a lot, trying to cope with all the problems on his own, he grew up without parental warmth, but hundreds of people, even thousands of people heard his story and his pain, and we, in turn, did our best to regain his faith in people. From now on, Andrei has a different life, a different destiny, now everything will be different. Look at the house we managed to buy him, look at these lovely people from our villages, just look at what happiness looks like ... And since donations did not stop, additional funds were raised, and we bought him a small tractor for Andrei to work the land. It was his dream to have this kind of tractor! He also has money left in his account to buy everything he requires! But that is not all! Soon we will share some more happy stories with you, but until then we want to thank you, dear friends, for all that you have done. If one day we were able to meet with all of you, we would just bow to the earth in gratitude for these miracles! People are sympathetic to the pain of others and we have proved it thousands of times over the years. Dear friends, do not forget these emotions, this infinite happiness, which was possible due to our involvement, and after many, many years we will have something to remember and we will tell these stories to our grandchildren so that they see how kindness saves lives. These unique moments will be remembered for a lifetime.

With great respect, we thank you all!