19 Jun

Giveahope makes dreams come true for sick children!

#giveahope presents the results of the contest. Dear friends, first of all, we thank you for the simple fact that you choose to help sick children in these difficult moments. This child had an unforgettable day, a present from us, people of goodwill. Matei, who has a bone disease, had a difficult childhood, but his mother taught him to love life, to smile and rejoice for any progress in his struggle for recovery. Dear friends, Matei saw the kitchen at one of his acquaintances, and for six months he  dreamed about this kitchen. Parents could not afford it, because everything they saved was spent on treatment and medications. But our kindness fulfilled his dream .... We bought him sweets, medicines, toys, a pool, a kitchen and other essentials, which were kindly provided to this wonderful child. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the happiness that you give to these children. His mother also thanked us very much and said that they never had such surprises, and they will remember this day for the rest of their lives. His mom also told us that we lit up her house and their struggle for a normal life.
Thank you for deciding to give kindness and light where there is no longer hope!