11 Aug

Let's Change the Life of Constantin!

Today Constantin arrived with his family at Vadul-lui-Voda, as he always wanted. You should have seen the genuine happiness in the eyes of this child! For someone Vadul lui Voda means a lot! He was exploring, full of enthusiasm the neighboring regions, the house. They will spend there five days.

Constantin needs help. In the near future we will continue the research, but for now we have talked with various doctors from abroad and asked for some advice about the medicines and the treatment that would ease his pain and suffering. But it’s all so expensive. We also want to raise some money to make repairs in the house of Constantin’s family, as the living conditions there are miserable. In case of Constantin’s condition everything must be new, clean and hygienic, and for the boy is even more difficult to live there. Dear friends, let's do a noble, sincere gesture for the child and try to improve his life. His case made impressed very much, maybe too much, it’s such a heavy burden to be carried by this child.

Constantin really need help, and we ask you to send another SMS to number 9002 with the text "Constantin" (only for Unite client) or call from a fixed telephone line to the number 090009002, to donate as much as you can through Qiwi devices (Bpay number 17002003).

You can also make donations to the name of "Sfantul Gheorghe" Foundation (indicating Constantin) or Paypal: (indicating Constantin)

We have so many options!

Let's change the life of this child!