17 Nov

Mia thanks you for her life!

Dear friends, this little firefly greets us and smiles at us like never before. Mia underwent surgery, she is doing well, she is cheerful, active and full of life - all thanks to kind people, doctors and the Holy Lord. The story of this family is impressive, but when generous people come together, miracles happen, lives are saved, and our children are given the chance to live happily. Gratitude to each one of you, for the life of Mia, for bringing this father in pain, a drop of hope for his little girl. In the photo below, we can see a happy Mia and a gratified father who never gave up fighting for her life.
Mia thanks you for life, her father is grateful for your support that gave him strength to fight, and we thank you for caring and for helping all these children in need!