04 Nov

Visiting the elderly people, burdened by the worries of old age!

Dear friends, it is getting cold and it’s very sad to admit that the most vulnerable people are the elderly, the old people who suffer from loneliness, poverty and helplessness ... To visit them, to listen to them for a few minutes, to let them know that someone is thinking about them - that's they wish in a period of life when old age is a burden. It is sad to see how poor old people suffer, it is sad to hear that there are former teachers or doctors, cooks, seamstresses, professions to which they have devoted years, and now they are forced to ask for mercy to provide themselves with warmth and a piece of bread... The greatest gift is when we help the elderly, exhausted by the burdens of old age. Give warmth whenever you can, because their suffering is a burden for us all. They are ours, and one day we will become just like them ... Thank you for your help!