From the heart to Artiom

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Name Тановицкий Артем
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From the heart to Artiom

Exactly one year ago I wrote an article asking people to support my son Artiom. In November 2013, we received a terrible diagnosis - insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in its severe form. It sounded like a verdict ... It was a big blow for us that represented the beginning of a completely different, indescribably difficult life. It was very hard and scary .. We spent a lot of time in intensive care, twice Artiom felt into coma. We lived in constant fear: each and every minute, day and night.

At the very beginning we went to examination in Moscow and the doctors urged us to use an insulin pump. But I still did not understand what it was. A little later I asked for help and started to collect money. I will never be able to express my gratitude to all those who supported us. Many did not understand, some blamed us, saying why you need this pump if you can do injections. But they do not know how terrible it is. We were dependent to syringes and a glucometer absolutely always and everywhere. There were period when we were making injections 10 times a day into hands, legs, belly .. I was praying to God and to people around us for help. Artiom was suffering greatly. He was crying, begging me not to do these endless injections anymore. The sugar levels were changing every five minutes, even with a diet. I had to study a lot, to somehow manage his illness and help him live .. And so it went on for two and a half years. And finally, thanks to the help of people with a big and kind hearts we collected the sum necessary for an insulin pump! Last August, we purchased an insulin pump in Moscow and it was one of the best - Medtronic Paradigm Veo 554. In October 2016, we were hospitalized in the Tushino hospital in Moscow, where the pump was installed. Day after day, after installation of the pump, everything became easier, our life changed before our eyes. Artiom already has no such restrictions in nutrition; he can eat some sweets as well. He recovered. Now my baby is happy. He practically fell in love with this pump because it saves him, it saves his life and he understands that. His health improved. He lives like other children: he is running, jumping and having fun. And most importantly, we do not do those terrible injections any more. We seemed to come to life ...

The pump uses a sensor to measure and display the glucose level every 5 minutes, that is, 288 times a day. After long observations of his carbohydrate metabolism and sugar jumps, the Moscow doctors selected different modes of insulin delivery rates to the organism of Artiom. Yes, unfortunately this disease is incurable, but I know that God exists and he sees my pain. And I believe that one day a miracle will happen and he will recover: such cases are rare, but they happen.

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