Campaign "The country needs Intensive care medicine!"

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The Medical Foundation “Valeriu Ghereg”  calls for support for the critical care units involved in the treatment of patients with COVID 19.

We require:
    Personal protective equipment for medical workers involved in the treatment of critically ill patients, diagnosed with COVID-19 (Appendix).
    Tests for intensive care medical personnel providing COVID treatment 19. This would allow to detect and prevent at early stages, the transmission of the infection to their families, as well as to reduce the spread of infection among medical workers (it is known that there are units or even entire hospitals that are in quarantine). The experience of countries that have already dealt with the epidemic (for example, South Korea) shows that mass testing is a key element.

    Replenishment of medicines and supplies for patients care.
Currently, at the Department of Anaesthesiology No. 1 "Valeriu Ghereg" the following clinics are involved in the treatment of critical patients with COVID 19, : IMU - 52 beds TI, SCM No. 1-18 beds, hospital Archangel Michael - 18 beds, Balti hospital- 31 beds.
Help us protect doctors so that they can help as many patients as possible!

Campaign began in 8 April 2020
In how many days was collected 79
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