Care and Support for the Elderly, 2nd edition

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Dear friends, during two years since the launch of the project "Care and Support for the Elderly", we have managed, along with you, to become an excellent example of what solidarity between generations really looks like. Of the hundreds of requests for support received from various categories of people, the saddest and modest are the messages we received from the elderly. When we asked them what they require, absolutely everyone, in a modest and sad voice, told us that they need firewood for the winter, some medications, bread, maybe a piece of butter, health, and someone to visit them. In two years we have visited about 1,500 old people, and where we opened their doors, they opened their hearts to us. After every story we heard, we came to the conclusion ... it is terrible to be old and poor in Moldova today... Nevertheless, we tried to show more than 1500 men and women that old age can be different .... Dear friends, the country is full of lonely and powerless old people who spend their last savings to buy a loaf of bread, a kilogram of meat or a Christmas pie, they are going through a difficult period of life, they have many worries and they are very lonely ... We all say and know that old age can be different, but the reality shows something else. At the end of our lives, each of us should rejoice and live in peace ... However, visiting the villages of Moldova, unfortunately, we saw many sad, burdened old people, all this was written on their faces. It hurts to see them in such a state, it hurts to realize that they are now freezing and have no one to help them. Now we ask you to show your support for the eldrely, they have done a lot for us throughout their lives ... and now they need our warmth, our kindness. Together we can give them a different life, our kind words and deeds can help them in this difficult situation. Donations that will provide them with a carefree old age can be made from any country in the world. Show your kindness, compassion and support for the elderly!

You can watch other videos of our visits on YouTube channel: Caritate în Moldova

Campaign began in 9 November 2020
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