From the heart for Alisa Zgherea

4,700 EUR Of the 14,000 required
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65 In how many days was collected
Age 8 years
Amount required 14,000 Euro

A message from her mother:

Greetings, kind people, with big hearts. I appeal for your support, I am desperate and saddened by my daughter's illness. Nine years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful and cheerful daughter. That's how she was until the age of three when a tragedy happened that shook our whole family. Alisa suffered a chemical burn to both eyes. Unfortunately, the left eye suffered more than the right. We underwent an unsuccessful surgery, and after that, the doctors told us that for 5 years we would not be able to perform any surgeries. Currently, Alisa is in second grade, and her healthy eye is rapidly deteriorating. After consultations, the doctors told us that the girl requires urgent surgery, which is only performed abroad. I am a single mother, without any help, and I cannot gather the necessary amount to save my child's eyesight. I sincerely ask you to help me. You are the only hope for my daughter, and I don’t know who else to turn to.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Campaign began in 7 April 2023
In how many days was collected 65
Created P CaritateMD
Region R. Cahul, s. Bucuria
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Maxim Chiriac 7 Jun, 2023 23:34 22
5,000 MDL
Anonymous donation 7 Jun, 2023 13:32 44
500 MDL
Anonymous donation 1 Jun, 2023 20:50 335
11 EUR
Anonymous donation 1 Jun, 2023 20:07 36
50 EUR
Dummezeu sa te ajute!!!
Anonymous donation 1 Jun, 2023 15:03 6
1,500 MDL
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