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A message from the young lady:
Good day to you! My name is Andrea, I am 22 years old, I am a student and for several months I have been in a very difficult situation. I was recently diagnosed with Chiari malformation type I, C1-Th11 syringomyelia, diffuse C2-Th11 cerebral atrophy, cervical, thoracic and lumbar disc protrusions. It all started with a short visit to the ophthalmologist, i went to see him because of dry eyes and I was referred to have an MRI of the brain to rule out other possible causes of my problem. Something quite different was revealed during the examinations.
This syringomyelia, along with its other components, according to numerous explanations and assumptions, is a genetic disease, I have had it from birth and I could not avoid it. It would be much easier if the disease was discovered in my childhood, but 22 years is too much. Medicines cannot cure or improve my condition, only surgery can change this damage to the spinal cord in order to avoid paralysis, loss of the ability to feel pain and temperature in the back and arms, deformity of the spine ...
Numerous headaches, back pains, dizziness, periods of vomiting, weakness, which mainly began to bother me since 2018, were not associated, are not associated and cannot be associated with fatigue, with student's life, and all these symptoms were a clear indication that something is very wrong.
Now I am lucky that I have a maximum of six months - this is the deadline for me to collect 19,300 euros for the surgery in a clinic in Spain, Barcelona. It can help me to stop the development of a syringomyelial cyst. But the sooner everything is done, the more chances there are to stop the progression of the disease.
The amount of money required for the surgery is huge, and with the support and advice of the doctors, I decided to try to turn to kind people in order to get a chance for a surgery that can save me from paralysis.
I beg you to help me continue my path in life, I have not yet managed to realize a single quarter of the possibilities that life gave me. I ask you from the bottom of my heart to give me a chance to finish what I started.

Thank you, kind people!

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