From the heart for Grigore Budaс

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Name Grigore Budaс
Age 54 years
Amount required 50,000 Euro
Diagnostic Soft tissue sarcoma

Grigore Budaс is 54 years old, he is the father of two children. In 2015, he was diagnosed with Sarcoma of soft tissues located in the retroperitoneal region. In the same year, he underwent a surgery: a tumor resection in the block with the spleen and tail of the pancreas, partially with the body and with the lineal angle of the colon. During the post-surgical period, he underwent 3 courses of chemotherapy, but the tumor continued to develop. In October 2018, he underwent a new surgery: radical ablation of a recurrent tumor of the retroperitoneal region. But the tumor is still growing. After further analysis, another surgery will be required, as well as pre-surgical radiation therapy, chemotherapy and post-surgical immunotherapy. To cover these costs, there are required about 50,000 euros. Please help us save our father. WITH OUR EFFORTS UNITED TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!

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