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A message from Mrs. Larisa:

Greetings, my name is Larisa Vacarciuc, I have two children and four wonderful grandchildren. My nightmare started a few months ago when my chest has swollen and I started having terrible pains in my back and bones - almost everything hurt. I underwent several examinations, tests, started the treatment after an erroneous diagnosis, the treatment did not help, and my arm and neck also became swollen ... I underwent a mammogram and was diagnosed with a terrible disease - breast cancer! I went abroad for an examination, and it was confirmed that the cancer cells spread to the bones (bone metastases) and I must urgently start the treatment. Cancer shattered all our dreams, and we started a race against the clock. Now our only hope is God and people of goodwill. Unfortunately, we are exhausted materially and morally. My cure and my chance to live, unfortunately, depend on money, and the sum we need for treatment, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery is huge for us. I am sure that with the help of people and God, I will be able to defeat this disease, because I want to see my grandchildren growing up!

Please help me and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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