From the heart for Marcus Cebotari

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Age 5 years
Amount required 62,150 Euro

A message from his mother:

Greetings, people of goodwill, my name is Maya and Marcus is our little son. He is the light of our eyes, our dear child who is now tormented by disease. Our world collapsed when we were informed that the boy was diagnosed with brain cancer, medulloblastoma. The disease progresses very quickly, his eyes are already affected, he barely speaks and walks. We watch helplessly as our happy and cheerful child becomes more and more depressed and helpless, he has constant headaches. We searched around the world for a hospital that would help us save our son and found a clinic in Turkey. However, we cannot afford the cost of this treatment - about 62,150 euros. We sincerely implore you to help us save our son, any donation will be very helpful. Thanks everyone for your support.

Campaign began in 3 November 2021
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