From the heart for Maxim Popescu

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A message from friends:

Dear friends, acquaintances and people with kind hearts, the Popescu family lives through sad and terrible times. Maxim, their only 2-year-old son, is in serious condition. As a result of an accident, he found himself in front of a lawn mower, and half of his head was literally crushed. The skull was opened, the boy underwent 4 brain surgeries, now he is due to undergo the 5th. But, unfortunately, his condition got worse, he has an infection of brain and blood, and doctors are doing everything in their power to stabilize his condition, and we thank them for all their commitment. The child does not speak, eats only through a tube, he has lost much weight and looks like a 10-month-old baby. He wears diapers, has been having convulsions for several days, and his condition is getting worse. But the troubles of this family do not end there. Maxim’s mother, being pregnant with twins, from stress, gave birth to stillborn babies at 6 and a half months. At the moment, Maxim is being looked after by his grandmother (((.

This family is going through an unbearable tragedy. We sincerely ask you to help them, they have huge expenses, the mother is in despair, and the family is living in constant pain and suffering.

We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help them. They suffer a lot..

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