From the heart for the building of ”Zorika” shelter

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  • Required assistance:Building of”Zorika” shelter
    • Required amount: 5,000 Euros

The animal protection organization “Doctor Vet” was created to provide assistance to homeless animals that were abandoned by owners, lost or injured and require veterinary care.

The problem of stray animals is a rather complex phenomenon in all regions of the country. We are a team of volunteers who founded a shelter in the city of Cricova and called it “Zorika”. Here the animals will be sterilized, treated and will find a new family. Currently, there are many dogs and cats that need our support. Together we want to reduce the number of homeless animals.

Dear friends, we ask you to help us complete the building and provide the shelter with all necessary things (building materials, animal cages, mattresses, blankets, dishes, detergents, animal food). We also need a large bus to transport sick animals. You can make a charity act by financially supporting our campaign.

Join us!

We are united by kindness.

Campaign began in 31 October 2018
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Pentru dragele animale
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pentru ca fiecare suflet conteaza.
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