From the heart for Vitalie Stratonov

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Name Vitalie Stratonov
Age 47 years
Amount required 14,350 US Dollar
Treatment Turkey
Diagnostic Cancer

A message from his wife:

Dear friends, I want to tell you the sad story of my family. At the age of 47, my husband, Vitalie Stratonov, was diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer: papillary thyroid cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer "Carcinoma". In 2018, in Kiev, he underwent two surgeries to remove the thyroid gland and part of the tumor in the larynx. Another part of the Carcinoma tumor remained in the nasopharynx, as it turned out to be inoperable. We have been fighting this tumor for 3 years already. Since 2019, in Kiev and Chisinau, 12-13 chemotherapy sessions have been carried out, but unfortunately, there is no positive dynamics in reducing it. On the contrary, it has doubled in size and is now 7 cm. It affects the brain, causes Vitalie headaches, he has lost his hearing in one ear and he cannot breathe through his nose. Carcinoma blocks all these channels. In Chisinau, doctors cannot help us anymore. Thanks to our friends who prompted us to apply abroad, we went to a foreign clinic, we underwent diagnostics, and the doctors decided to help us and gave us 75% chances of recovery. Treatment should be started immediately, because a lot of time is already wasted.

Everyone who met Vitalie, knows that he is a very decent and modest person and it is embarrassing and difficult for him to ask for anything, especially for money ... therefore, as his wife, I am asking you to help him. At the moment, we no longer have the financial means to continue the treatment. I am very grateful to all the people who, for 3 years of our struggle, helped us with an advice, a prayer, with donationswith kind words that gave us hope for recovery. We are so grateful to all of you.

75% is a lot .. and it's worth fighting for ... and Vitalie will have the opportunity to return to normal life, to see his daughter growing up ... but without your help we cannot cope. I understand these difficult times for all of us. But there is hope, that little by little, we will be able to collect the required sum. I really hope for your support, and I wish you and your families health and well-being.

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