From the heart to Alex Galuzinschii

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Name Galuzinschi
Amount required 6,000 Euro

Name: Galuzinschii
Name: Alex
Age: 5 months
Diagnosis: epilepsy, West syndrome
Required amount: 6000 Euro
Treatment: Romania, Germania, Rusia


My name is Galuzinschii Alex, I am 5 months old and I recently received a terrible diagnosis: Epilepsy and West Syndrome. Every convulsion for me is like a thunder in my brain. This disease ruins my brain, and I want to be like all the children, to grow and bring joy to my parents, for whom I am the meaning of life. These epilepsy attacks means the cessation of psychomotor development. With West syndrome, it is imperative to find the cause of this disease, and then I will have a chance for recovery. Help me get a diagnosis, undergo treatment , where they are waiting for me in April. God bless you!

Campaign began in 22 March 2019
In how many days was collected 131
Created P CaritateMD
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И. Ч. 31 Jul, 2019 16:27 3
19,770 MDL
VLAD LAURENTIU DORNESCU 30 Jul, 2019 22:55 4
22 EUR
Doamne Ajuta ! Multa sanatate ! Luptati in continuare sunteti parinti exemplu
Alina Serradimigni 30 Jul, 2019 21:19 40
10 USD
Insanatoshire grabnica!
Petruleac Alina 30 Jul, 2019 19:23
100 MDL
Любимый наш мальчик скорейшего выздоровления тебя ! Мы тебя очень любим и верим только в лучшее
Anonymous donation 30 Jul, 2019 18:17 2
200 MDL
Multă sănătate,puiule!
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