From the Heart to Alexandru Barabaș

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A message from his Mother:

I beg you to help me save my child.
We are in a difficult situation, and without your help, we won't be able to cope. So much pain... cancer is a cruel disease that doesn't leave my child.
Just when it seemed we defeated the illness, fate decided otherwise. The side effects of chemotherapy have negatively impacted Alexandru's health, and he urgently requires treatment and physiotherapy sessions. Without them, he won't be able to walk.
The new treatment costs 10,000 euros.
With each passing day, the muscles in his legs grow weaker.
Alexandru is strong, he fights, clings to every thread of life, he wants to live and doesn't give up.
He means everything to me; I can't alleviate his pain, but all I can do is fight for his life.
The expenses are enormous, and I can no longer cope on my own.
I ask you to help me save my son's legs.

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