From the heart to Alina Ciubotaru

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Name Alina Ciubotaru
Age 31 years
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  • Last Name: Ciubotaru
    • Surname: Alina
    • Age: 31
    • Diagnosis: brain tumor
    • Treatment: Turkey

A message from Alina:

Good afternoon, my name is Alina, I am 31 years old and I am a mother of two wonderful children. Unfortunately, recently my life and the life of my family turned into a real nightmare. We found out something that shocked us and made us helpless. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and now I require an urgent surgery. It is very difficult for me to write this message in which I ask for help in order to save my life, because I don’t even know where to start ... this is the most difficult and important letter in my life. I just think about my family, about my little children, how I will raise them, how we will be together. I want to live and enjoy their success, enjoy the happiness of life together. Dear people, life has given us an unpleasant surprise, and we cannot cope on our own, because the surgery costs a lot. We are a young family that cannot raise this kind of money. It is hard for me to look at my children and know that my life depends on a sum of money that we don’t have. Our only hope is you and only faith in God and good people gives me strength. I ask you to help me in my struggle with a terrible disease.

Thank you and appreciate every minute you spend with your loved ones!

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21 Nov, 2018

Dragii nostri, Alina a fost operata de urgenta pentru ca situatia era destul de grava, medicii au incercat timp de aproximativ 9 ore sa ii scoata tumoarea, dar totusi nu a fost posibil dintr-o operatie pentru ca riscul era mult prea mare. De indata ce isi va reveni, urmeaza inca o operatie la fel de complicata. Alina are nevoie de rugaciuni si ganduri bune si are nevoie enorma si de bani din pacate, o suma mult prea mare pentru familie... Multumim tuturor care ati donat pana acum, datorita voua a fost posibila transportarea ei si operatia, puteti ajuta in continuare pentru ca Alina sa se intoarca acasa sanatoasa la puii ei.



15 Nov, 2018

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