From the heart to Anatolie Cumpata

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A message from his mother: 

Greetings dear friends! I am Anatolie Cumpata's mother. He is a very smart boy with aspirations and dreams, but suddenly and unexpectedly a cruel illness hit us hard. Last year my son was diagnosed with cancer. He underwent surgery on his leg and then chemotherapy for a year. The boy's leg was amputated, as we were told that if the leg was amputated, we would be able to get rid of this merciless disease, but, unfortunately, it didn’t  happen. Anatoly is only 18 years old and was recently diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. 

Long-term treatment abroad is necessary. We sincerely ask everyone who can help us, as we really need your support. We ask you to help Anatolie because this illness will not allow him to live a normal life. 

Any help is a step towards recovery! I ask you, people with kind hearts, to help us defeat this disease. May God bless you for the help you provide! 

Campaign began in 22 February 2023
In how many days was collected 309
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