From the heart to Andreea Maxim

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Name Viorica Maxim
Amount required 3,600 Euro

  • Last Name: Maxim
    • Surname: Andreea
    • Diagnosis: severe congenital scoliosis with Cob angle inclination of 87 degrees.
    • Required amount: EUR 3600
    • Second treatment: Romania

    A message from mother:

    Good afternoon, Andrea requires another surgery that will give her the opportunity to grow a few centimeters. For many years now, we struggle every day with the disease and try not to give up, because as parents, we want our little girl to live a normal life, without pain and suffering. We went through a lot and with your help we managed to undergo a first difficult surgery. But now they are waiting for us again in the hospital, in Romania, for a new surgery. It needs to be done as soon as possible, but the costs are huge for us and we don’t have the possibility to collect such a large sum of money. I feel uncomfortable to ask for you for help for the second time, but we have no other choice, because we constantly struggle to see our child happy. So we ask you one again to help us in the treatment of our little girl.

Thank you and may God reward you for all your good deeds!

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