From the heart to Andrei Manica

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Name Andrei Manica
Age 31 years
Amount required 100,000 US Dollar
Diagnostic Aplastic anemia

A message from wife:

Hello, my name is Liliana, and I write these lines with tears in my eyes and with a desperate cry for help. My husband is 31 years old and he goes through a very difficult period in his of life ..... In August, we received the news that shocked us. Andrei was diagnosed with aplastic anemia. The only chance is treatment abroad, which is very, very expensive. I ask all people with Faith in their heart, please help us. Donate as much as you can, because the smallest ammount can save my husband and the father of my children. I am suffering a lot and my soul is crying from helplessness. I would do everything to save my husband ... We love him so much and simply cannot imagine our life without him. Please support us and give us hope and chance to save my husband and a father of two wonderful little girls.
Thank you very much!

Campaign began in 22 October 2019
In how many days was collected 37
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