From the heart to Constantin Cuzicov

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Name Constantin Cuzicov
Age 59 years
Amount required 8,500 Euro
Diagnostic Cancer

A message from Constantin

Dear people and relatives with kind hearts, I have a big problem that neither I nor my family can cope with.
On May 28, I underwent two surgeries. I fought for eight hours in a row, and during the surgeries, two tumors (CANCER) were removed, one on the surface of the nose and the other under the skin, in the neck region.
With the help of the Lord and thanks to the Doctors, I endured these difficult moments with honor. Unfortunately, having passed tests after the surgeries, the doctors told me that in order to prevent the disease from spreading further, 32 courses of radiation therapy and 7 courses of chemotherapy are needed, which must be carried out within 7 weeks and as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I need a very large sum of money, which is estimated at 8,500 euros.

I sincerely ask all people of good will to help me by making a small contribution, a small donation to save my life.
I wish you good health and happiness to you and your families.

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Din inimă pentru Constantin Cuzicov
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