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Name Daria Negara
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Treatment Romania
Diagnostic Brain cyst

Hello. My name is Daria. I am an energetic and cheerful little girl, but I have a health problem. While still in my mother’s belly, doctors discovered a cyst in the right side of my brain. They told us that it could be absorbed before birth, but it didn’t happen. After I was born, I underwent a Magnetic resonance imaging and it was discovered that the cyst is quite big: 8 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm. My parents always hoped that it would shrink. Now I am a big girl, I am 5 months and 2 weeks old, and recently I underwent another MRI, which greatly upset my parents, the cyst increased almost 2 times. The neurosurgeon told us that we urgently require a surgery abroad. Now the right side of my brain resembles a tennis ball :(. Parents found a clinic that can help me get rid of this problem, but the surgery is very expensive. Mom is with me day and night, and dad does everything possible to collect the full amount for the surgeryThe surgery should be made in Bucharest on September 3 and its cost is 8500 €. Thank you for any assistance and may God bless you.

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In how many days was collected 19
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