From the heart to Ecaterina Vorona

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Name Ecaterina Vorona
Age 20 years
Amount required 43,350 US Dollar
Diagnostic Cell lymphoma

Ecaterina 's message:
Please help me defeat cancer!
Greetings, people of goodwill, my name is Ecaterina Vorona and in recent years I went to different hospitals, not knowing what awaited me, but my life completely changed when I learned about my illness. I was diagnosed with T-CELL LYMPHOMA, a disease that prevents me from living a normal life.
Now I am in Turkey and in order to carry out the necessary examinations and treatment, I require a sum of money, that i don' have . They say that life does not cost money, but I lack it in order to survive. Therefore, I ask people with kind hearts, please help me, because your support is very important for me now, any donation CAN SAVE MY LIFE. With your help, I will be able to smile again.

Campaign began in 6 July 2021
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