From the heart to Iurie Cramarenco

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Name Iurie
Amount required 29,620 Moldova Lei

Surname: Cramarenco
Name: Iurie
Age: 72 
Diagnosis: cataract
Required amount for surgery: 29620 lei
Treatment: Moldova

A Message from Mr. Iurie

Hello, my name is Iurie and I am a pensioner. Lately, I constantly undergo various treatments and examinations, because my vision is getting worse and worse. At the last examination, the doctors told me that I require an urgent surgery to heal the cataract. But the sum I need to pay for the surgery is too large for a simple pensioner. I live with my wife and our modest pensions does not allow us to collect this sum, we spend all our money on food, hygiene products and utilities. Now I ask for your help, because I have no one else to turn to. My pension is 1800 lei and this is a huge sum for me that I can not afford. I find it difficult to do a lot of things, because I lose my eyesight every day, therefore, I ask all of you to show me your support.

Thank you for your help, I am very grateful and I will pray for God to bless you!

Campaign began in 8 April 2019
In how many days was collected 175
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