From the heart to Кamelia Popov

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Name Popov
Amount required 55,000 Euro

Last Name: Popov
Name: Кamelia
Diagnosis: malignant eye tumor
Required amount: 55,000 euros
Treatment: Turkey

A message from parents:

Dear people of goodwill,
At the age of one year, when life becomes more colorful and interesting, when children begin to explore the world, our little girl Kamelia was diagnosed with a terrible disease: bilateral retinoblastoma (malignant tumor of both eyes) and if it is not immediately cured, she can lose her sight and even her eyes... Unfortunately, this serious condition cannot be cured in the Republic of Moldova. It requires complicated and expensive treatment abroad.

At the moment, it is very difficult for us, both psychologically and financially ... and therefore we ask for help from all people of goodwill, HELP US SAVE THE EYES OF OUR LITTLE GIRL!

Any help, any donation, will give us a chance and a ray of hope that we can save the eyesight of our daughter, Kamelia!

Thank you!

Campaign began in 16 March 2019
In how many days was collected 188
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