From the heart to Kira Mateisen

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Age 5 years
Amount required 5,000 Euro
Treatment Ukraine
Diagnostic cerebral palsy

A message from mother:

Hello, my child was born with a weight of 1 kg and 650 grams, but the doctors assured me that everything was in order. However, six months later, when I noticed some symptoms, we went to the hospital and learned the diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic form, psychomotor retardation. Afterwards, followed years of treatment, massage, therapy, gymnastics, and thank God, today, Kira is feeling much better. However, every year is difficult for us, we were treated in all possible clinics, both private and public. But now we are waiting for an intensive rehabilitation in Ukraine and we have high hopes that Kira will achieve the best results and will live her life like a normal child, away from pain and suffering. The costs for us are huge, we can no longer cope on our own, and I ask you from the bottom of my heart to help us. We have always fought for her life using our own resources, but now we require your support.

Thank you for your assistance!

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