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Dear caring people with a big kind heart, we sincerely thank you for your help, which is timely and so necessary, for your support, for your good wishes and prayers.  May your goodness be returned to you with health, well-being, generous helping hands at the right time.
Exactly 2 weeks ago Marat underwent the 2nd brain surgery. The operation was successful.  But as it turned out it was not the last fight of our son with the disease. The oncological consilium of the clinic decided to carry out 30 sessions of radiation therapy in order to avoid recurrences and to achieve full recovery. The treatment is planned for the beginning of September and will last 6 weeks.
Marat is a very brave boy and he really wants to live and be healthy like his friends and classmates, and wants to go to school and not to lie in hospital. Unfortunately, we cannot cope with all the expenses on our own and we appeal to you again, to people of goodwill and ask you from the bottom of our hearts not to leave Marat halfway, but to help him to face this struggle for life. Any support and donations you can afford would be greatly appreciated. Along with my words of thanks, I want to leave you with wishes for health and peace. May God watch over you and your families!

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