From the heart to Maxim Rusciuc

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Name Maxim Rusciuc
Age 16 years
Amount required 15,000 Euro
Diagnostic Left arm injury, numbness, surgery required

A message from friends:
URGENT ASSISTANCE IS NEEDED !!! For a 16-year-old orphan with a left arm injury from a sleigh accident in winter 2018. There are 5 thousand euros required.
Maxim Rusciuc, 16 YO, after an accident on a sleigh, received an injury to his left hand, which he cannot feel from shoulder to toes, and he requires urgent surgery so that he can continue to enjoy life.
Unfortunately, the first surgery was unsuccessful, the only chance is a surgery abroad.
Time is playing against Maxim and his guardian, whose financial situation does not allow him to collect the necessary amount of money.

We ask all people of goodwill to give this young man a chance to live a healthy life.
Any donation is a chance for Maxim.

Campaign began in 3 April 2021
Days left 44
Created Mirela Csorik
Region Rîşcani, s. Hiliuți
Category Social
Oleg Burca 25 May, 2022 01:52 81
10 EUR
Însănătoșire grabnică!
Anonymous donation 1 May, 2022 13:36 108
Teodor Ginsari 28 Mar, 2022 19:37 77
50 MDL
Pune-ti Doamne minile peste Maxim si ai mila de el.amin
Anonymous donation 22 Mar, 2022 20:02 16
200 MDL
A A 13 Mar, 2022 13:27 23
202 MDL
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