From the heart to Mihaela Cordun

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Name Zinaida Cordun
Age 2 years
Amount required 146,640 Moldova Lei

  • First name: Mihaela
  • Surname: Cordun
  • Age: 2 years old
  • Diagnosis: Moderate triventricular hydrocephalus
  • Required amount: 146640 lei
  • Treatment: Moldova, Neokinetica 

A message from mother, Zianida:

Good afternoon, my name is Zinaida Cordun, I’m from the village of Tabani, in Briceni district, and I appeal to all people of goodwill to help us. My daughter, Mihaela is only two years old and she was diagnosed with moderate triventricular hydrocephalus. It all started one morning, when she was 6 months old, Mihaela had a fever, and in the evening, convulsions began. I was very frightened, did not know what was happening and immediately went with her to the hospital. The next day her left arm and leg were paralyzed. Here we learned that the girl suffers from hydrocephalus, a disease that kills the brain. A very difficult year followed and we realized that we need a lot of strength and will to fight this disease. It was terrible to see how the fate of such a beautiful and healthy child can change in a moment. It's even more difficult to see how my child is suffering, and I, as a mother, can’t do anything about it. But we try to fight the illness with every means and are doing everything possible for our child to have a more or less normal life. We need your support and financial help for the necessary procedures and treatment. Please help us, because we are a modest, low-income family and cannot afford to pay the treatment. We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to help us. Thank you very much!

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