From the heart to Mihail Bradu

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Age 3 years
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A message from his family:

This is little Mihai, he is only 3 years and 9 months old. He is a wonderful, energetic child who wants to spend his childhood running on his own legs, but because of the diagnosis he was given, this is impossible. His diagnosis is Spastic paraplegia (G821). This is not a separate illness, but a group of diseases and the main symptom is progressive spasticity of the lower extremities due to dysfunction of the pyramidal tract. The child is in a special group and receives a disability allowance. His parents don’t give up, hoping that one day they will see Mihai running next to his two brothers. Mihai is a strong kid who courageously goes through all the procedures and endures pain. In order for Mihai to develop as a normal child, he requires surgery. It is very important for Mihai because he will be able to walk. Unfortunately, the surgery is very expensive and the parents do not have the required amount of money.

His parents are in despair and heartily ask you to help them, to give Mihai a chance for normal development and a happy childhood.

With God's help and your support, Mihai will be able to live his childhood without pain.

Campaign began in 4 October 2021
In how many days was collected 147
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Annamaria Sperandeo 27 Feb, 2022 13:56
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Mariana Constantinova 27 Feb, 2022 13:53
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În numele Domnului și a Maicii
CRISTINA ZGHEREA 25 Feb, 2022 17:26 2
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Ne rugăm mult la Dumnezeu să vă ajute și să-l vedem pe Mihai cum crește și se bucură de viață.
Nu aveam banii dar tare am vrut să vă putem ajuta. S-a găsit o persoană tare bună care a înțeles urgența. Dumnezeu să-i deie multă sănătate.
Vă urăm mult succes ❤️
Cristina Zgherea și Antonio Ricotta e SAM care ne-a dat banii să vă putem ajuta.
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Doamne ajuta sa te faci bine, Mihail!
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4 Oct, 2021

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