From the heart to Otilia Pinzaru

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Name Otilia
Age 4 years
Amount required 69,825 Euro

  • Name: Otilia
  • Firstname: Panzaru
  • Age: 3 years old
  • Diagnosis: paralysis of half of the body on the left side
  • Required sum: 69825 euro

During the last three years, for the family Pinzaru from the village of Bujor, Hincesti district, time seems to have stopped. Since June 1, 2014, their lives seem to be painted in gray. For a moment they could not think that this day would become a black page in their life.

It all started with a simple vaccine that my daughter received in 2014, when she was only a year old. After that her life turned into a nightmare. Otilia was diagnosed with paralysis of half of the body on the left side. " On June 1, 2014 togheter with my one-year-old-daughter Otilia we went for examination. Here she was given a vaccine that caused complications. She had a fever. On the third day the temperature rose to 39.5 degrees. I called the ambulance and the doctors gave her a shot and said thst it was nothing serious. Her state worsened  and I urgently called the ambulance again. On arriving, they said that the girl has convulsions. We were hospitalized in Hincesti, then in Chisinau, but the temperature did not drop. After six days of suffering, we made a tomography and the girl was diagnosed with meningoencephalitis, after which she fell into a coma for 3 weeks. After that, I received shocking news. When Otilia woke up, she already had a left side paralysis" told us Otilia's mother. Since then, the girl spent more time in hospitals, took various medications, which according to her parents were very expensive, but did not yield any concrete results. "For almost three years we have been fighting for the health of our little girl. We want her to walk, enjoy life like any other child. Otilia cannot walk, nore speak, she can not sit or hold her head" told us Ana Pinzau told with tears in her eyes.

For three years, Otilia's parents tried to do everything possible and impossible to speed up the treatment here in the country. But this is not enough. Little Otilia needs a full survey abroad, and her parents can not afford it. The Pinzaru family asks you to help and give a chance to their three-year-old daughter for a normal life.

This child can be saved if each of us makes a noble gesture.

Her life depends on each of us!

Campaign began in 28 March 2017
In how many days was collected 439
Created Pânzaru Sergiu
Region Hincesti
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Dumnezeu sa te ajute sa te faci bine, Ingeras mic!.
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27 Apr, 2018

Otilica se afla la cel de-al patrulea transplant cu celule stem. E din ce in ce mai bine, iar asta se datoreaza doar voua dragi ingeri pazitori pentru aceasta sansa unica oferita micutei care 4 ani de zile s-a chinuit atat de mult. Drumul ei spre vindecare nu se finiseaza aici, Otilica are nevoie de sustinere, fara noi ea nu va putea reusi. A ramas nu atat demult pentru ca acest ingeras sa se bucure de o copilarie frumoasa, sa aiba o viata normala fara suferinta. Cunoastem cu totii prin ce chin, suferinta si durere a trecut micuta, de aceea venim repetat sa fiti alaturi de Otilia, pentru ca din fiecare putin al nostru, se salveaza un copil. Din orice colt al lumii puteti face o donatie de suflet pentru viata micutei Otilia, alegand cea mai comoda metoda pentru Dvs( paypal, card bancar, sms, terminal, trasfer bancar) aici:



19 Apr, 2018

Otilia Panzaru in curand va avea cel de-al treilea tratament cu celulele stem. Micuta Otilia va putea finisa intregul ei tratament doar cu ajutorul nostru. Dragii nostri, povestea ei o cunoastem cu totii si cat de mult a suferit timp de 4 ani de zile. Acum insa Otilia are rezultate foarte bune, pe zi ce trece micuta bucura parintii, medicii de puterea si de cat de bine reactioneaza la tratament. Este la jumatate de drum iar astazi mamica Otiliei, tatal Otiliei, ne implora sa nu ii lasam, pentru ca fara noi, fara ajutorul nostru Otilia nu va putea finisa tratamentul. Suferintele ei nu se compara cu nimic, micuta mai mult ca niciodata are nevoie sa o sustinem. Din inima va rugam sa incercam pana la urma sa fim alaturi de Otilia, mai are un pic si se va putea bucura de copilarie si sa-i usuram toate suferintele.

Multumim cu plecaciune!


2 Feb, 2018

Otilica ne uimeste in fiecare zi cu rezultatele obtinute. Astazi micuta incearca sa tina capusorul singura, reactioneaza la vocea tatei, prima ridicare a ei unde a stat cateva secunde de una singura. Sunt rezultate de care familia nu s-au asteptat atat de repede sa le obtina dar si medicii sunt impresionati de micuta. Otilia ar putea avea o alta viata, micuta ar putea avea si o alta copilarie, nu cea de pana acum. Din inima cu totii impreuna pentru scumpa Otilia sa ii aducem speranta si viata unui copil fericit care merita orice copilas.

Va multumim din suflet pentru toate donatiile si sustinerea care ne face sa schimbam atatea destine.


25 Jan, 2018

Rezultatele nu se las asteptate la micuta Otilia. Doar cateva proceduri si schimbarile sunt vizibile. Cel mai fericit este taticul Otiliei, care in fiecare zi ne anunta ce nou astazi a facut Otilica si isi imparte fericicirea cu noi. Tatal micutei va multumeste pana la pamant pentru sustinere si pentru ajutorul care il asteptau de 4 ani de zile. Soarta a fost dura cu micuta, dar acum exista sansa sa ramana doar o simpla amintire, toate chinurile si suferinta parintilor. Tot de ce are nevoie micuta, este sustinerea noastra, pentru ca orice copil merita sa fie si sa creasca un copil sanatos si fericit. Din inima sa incercam sa fim pana la urma alaturi de Otilica, o minima donatie poate salva pe micuta de la chinuri. Multumim din suflet ca sunteti alaturi de acest sufletel chinuit!



22 Jan, 2018

Scumpica Otilica se afla la investigatii peste hotare are deja 4 anisori iar durerile ei continua. Dulceata aceasta micuta si atat de dragalasa are nevoie in continuare de sustinerea noastra. Otilia a primit o speranta la o viata normala, parintii sunt foarte fericiti ca cu ajutorul oamenilor, astazi fetita lor are sanse de a fi un copilas cat de cat normal si sa aiba o viata fericita. Parintii se inchina pana la pamant de ajutorul tuturor. Dragii nostri viata Otiliei poate fi altfel, noi ii putem usura chinurile, noi ii putem oferi sansa la o viata normala. Sa fim pana la urma alaturi de acest sufletel indurerat care 4 ani de zile suporta zilnic durere.


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