From the heart to Renata Cosmariuc

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Name Cristina
Amount required 38,000 Euro

Surname: Cosmariuc 
Name: Renata
Required Amount: 40,000 euros
Diagnosis: Tuberous Sclerosis
Treatment: Czech Republic

A message from grandmother:

Hello! I am the grandmother of a wonderful child, Renata, who faces enormous challenges in her life. While abroad to perform a routine physical examination, she was hospitalized and underwent one of the most difficult head surgeries. After that, it turned out that Renata urgently requires a kidney removal surgery. These kind of surgeries cost a lot of money, which Renata’s single mother simply don’t have. I pray to God day and night for her to recover, to defeat the disease and come back home. There is nothing more beautiful than the smile and happiness of your child, and nothing is more terrible than to see her suffer and cry from grief, asking every day: “Mom, when will we go home? When will all this end?” I beg you from the bottom of my heart to help us save our angel so that she can return home and enjoy life.

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