From the heart to Robert Costin

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A message from his mother:

Hello, this is little Robert, he is only 11 and a half months old, he is a wonderful, energetic and long-awaited child. We were preparing for the big celebration, the anniversary of his birthday, but our plans were disrupted due to his diagnosis: CRANIOSTENOSIS, an early fusion of the sutures of the skull . Our baby cannot develop normally and he has severe headaches. Now, in the first year of his life, he requires an urgent surgery, since the diagnosis was made too late and the time is running out. The surgery is very expensive, as well as the cranial helmet, which he must constantly wear for several months after the surgery, and we do not have the opportunity and time to raise the necessary amount of money. We are desperate and ask for help from all people of goodwill. Please, help us and give Robert a chance for normal development and a happy childhood. Thank you for caring and for all your support!!!

Campaign began in 18 August 2021
In how many days was collected 38
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