From the heart to Semion Cotenco

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A message from mother:

I am the mother of two sons, Semion who is 11 years old and Andrei who is 15 years old. I raise my children by myself, since two years ago their father died. Not so long ago, another disaster stroke our family. Semion was diagnosed with a complicated illness that requires immediate surgery - arteriovenous malformation of cerebral vessels! Unfortunately, it is impossible to perform sthis surgery in our country! In search of a clinic that would to accept us, we found one in GermanyThe professor that examined us gave us hope and told us that Semion have great chances to get better! but our biggest enemy is time !!! After all, the amount set by the clinic for the surgery is absolutely unbearable for us! One of the conditions of the clinic is full payment in advance! The sooner we pay, the more chances we have to save the child !!! I know that your foundation has saved many lives! With respect and great hope for your help, Semion and Andrei's mother!

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Va doresc succese!!!
Și sunt sigur ca tu Semion o sa te faci bine curind !!!!
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